Welcome to DAWBOX 2014: We are DIY studio solutions. Our mission is to help you build your studio. With our DIY plans and acoustic solutions you can achieve pro results while saving money and having fun!   New Products 2014: We now carry New 4x4x7 V5 Plans New Design! 3D Animations Pro Voice Work!

Vocal Booth Plans on DVD

New Product 2014: New Materials List! large 6X6X7 D.I.Y. Recording booth DVD with double panel design and ventilation. Build your own dream booth with our patented proven step by step tutorial DVD. More Details

2014: D.I.Y. Ventilation DVD 3.1. Now you can build you own silent studio ventilation using our proven design for your studio! More Details





























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NEW Drum Booth Plans on DVD

Now you can finally practice and record drums and it will not cost you 10k to build! Do what other industry professionals have done and buy our plans to build yourself pro booth and save thousands! More Details

Studio Consulting Service

With 20 years experience building and designing vocal booths and pro home studios DAWBOX offers a complete consulting service. Whether you own a studio and need advice on sound proofing, ventilation, isolation, layout or 3D models we have the experience you need to realize your project with the lowest rates in the industry..

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