D.I.Y. Isolation Booth FAQ

What are the exterior Dimensions of the booth? 4ft X 4ft x 7.2ft for the 4X4 and 4ft X 6ft x 7.2ft

Can this booth be made bigger or smaller using the same design? This is a common question and the answer is yes, up to 6ft X 6ft X 7.8ft.

Will I need tools? The bare minimum tools you will need for this project are: Skillsaw, Power Drill, Dremmel as well as a few bits and screws. If you do not have tools then borrow or rent them or hire a contractor to help you. You can also find cheap tools second hand.

How much are the materials going to cost me? This varies because there are three build levels of this booth. The plans are designed to build the professional booth. Depending on your budget and personal preference, you can leave out any feature in order to build a basic or advanced booth with the option to upgrade later. The cost of the basic and advanced booth is calculated with the purchase of the foam and jacks from Dawbox. Foam and jack prices will vary depending on where you purchase them from.

Basic $300-$350 Includes: Painted exterior finish, internal foam, and custom microphone and headphone jacks. Does not include: window, plenum (intake/outake ventilation,) exterior carpet, metal edging.

Advanced $425-$500 Includes: internal foam, plenum (intake/outake ventilation.) Does not include: window, exterior carpet, metal edging.

Professional $650-$750- Includes:Internal Foam, window, exterior carpet, plenum (intake/outake ventilation,) metal edging, microphone and headphone jacks. These prices are based off of following the plans and purchasing your materials from Home Depot or Menards. Prices and materials may vary in different parts of the world.

Does the materials list cover where to get my supplies? All of the SKU's and prices have been updated for 2013.

How long does it take to build?: If you follow the steps in our plans once having all of the supplies needed, it can be done in a weekend. The average build time is a weekend or a few days.

I am not that experienced with construction or tools is this going to be possible? These plans are designed so that anyone with basic building skills can build our design. If you can record on a computer and navigate and operate audio software you can learn to build a vocal booth. Many clients have no prior experience and open up a whole new universe of studio D.I.Y. for themselves.

Is the booth soundproof? No booth is 100% soundproof, but this design will greatly or completely reduce all of the bothersome noises which can interfere with your recordings. You will not hear your neighbors and they will not hear you. This booth is excellent for anyone that lives near a highway, subway, or busy road.

Are there further steps to gain the maximum level of noise reduction for my booth? Yes, and these tips are included in the plans

How easy is it to take down and put back up once built? 15-20 minutes to take down and 15-20 minutes to put up.

My studio is an a small space, will it fit through my doors un-assembled? The plans are designed so that the un-assembled panels fit through any standard door size and also standard service elevator heights.

I live outside the USA are these supplies available in my country? Yes, these are all very basic and standard supplies. You will be able to find them without a problem.


Where do I get my acoustic foam for the inside?: You can purchase it from our website.

I have a booth or closet that I use already and I only need ventilation? We also sell silent ventilation plans.