DAWBOX(TM) Drum Booth Plans

30 page booklet and DVD with architectural plans and 1 hour of step by step instruction on how to build your own professional 8'x8'x7.5' Drum Booth, Recording Booth, Large Vocal Booth. We take you step by step covering everything from construction, foam, wiring, air ventilation, and window design. The plans cover our designs with an easy to navigate DVD that plays in your PC, MAC, or DVD Player. We also include a 30 page small hand booklet so you can get right to building on site. Have a question about our plans before buying? sales@dawbox.com

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  • Portable Design: Easy to set up in rooms as small as 10x10x8
  • Scalable Design: Need the booth smaller or larger? No problem simple math and you can customize the booth to fit your needs.
  • Air Tight Double Panel Design: Don't let other pre-made foam wall booths fool you they will not block sound like our designs.
  • Materials List with SKU's and Vendors.
  • Power and hand tools List
  • Silent Ventilation DVD-Instruction
  • Window DVD-Instruction
  • Dimensions DVD-Instruction (detailed 2D drawings)
  • Chapter by Chapter Assembly DVD-Instruction (Longer chapters with 2D drawings)
  • Exterior Finishing Design
  • 20 page Instructions on paper with 3D drawings (Easy to follow small booklet with drawings for working on site!)
  • 3-4 day Shipping for continental USA orders!
  • Worldwide International Orders Accepted!
  • We sell custom acoustic foam kits for this booth

DAWBOX Vocal Booth FAQ: This should help answer basic questions about our plans.

USA and International Shipping FAQ (Please Read Before Ordering

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8X8X7.5 $74.95





Mike J.

I am very satisfied with the end result. The thing that I am most proud of is the plenum. Turned out great and works like a charm.
The booth is pretty air tight. When the door is opened, you can hear the woosh as the air enters the booth. When the door is closed, inside i'd say it cuts out about 90% or so of the outside noises. Even a TV that's about 3' away. There is a room air conditioner in the wall adjacent to the booth and when it's on with the door closed all you can hear is a faint low frequency rumble.
Let me just say, your design is wonderful, saved me a lot of money, and I would recommend this to anyone interested in a DIY vocal booth.

David S.

"I could not believe how professional my vocal booth turned out. Everything was covered well and any questions I had were answered via e-mail promptly. A++++"

Amy B.

These plans are a God send! They saved me at least two thousand dollars and my recording booth is as good as any of the more expensive pre-built units. I highly reccommend these plans to anyone who needs a vocal booth and has a tight budget."

Willaim D.

"I do major voice over work for Disney Films. I had just moved into a new noisy home and I needed a booth that would not break the bank. DAWBOX designed me a vocal booth based on his plans for half the price I was quoted from other companies. My booth has a personal boutique finish and every minor detail was addressed. It all bolts together, has a professional metal edge finish, ventilation and of course sounds amazing!"

Please Read Before Ordering Thank You

DAWBOX(TM) LLC Terms of Sale & Policy

DAWBOX(TM) LLC and Justin A. Lynch own the intellectual property of these designs. They cannot be displayed in any public or digital forum for any reason.

DAWBOX(TM) LLC is not responsible for any acts of God fire, flood, and injury while using or building our designs. All materials are general construction

License: The purchase of this product grants the end user or owner of the paypal account one build of our design for non-profit or resale. You may not trade these designs or give them to a 3rd party contractor without written consent. We will not offer technical support or project management to any 3rd party contractor without a License agreement purchased through DAWBOX™ LLC. Failing to do so will result in legal action. Any Film House, Contactor, Church, School or Practice space company, Non profit organization, may not build our design beyond one unit without written consent and a license fee per build to be determined by us. You may not use this design as a lesson in your school or as a learning project.

Technical Support: DAWBOX(TM) LLC considers anything outside of basic customer service as technical support. Interfacing with home improvement stores, 3rd party contractors, answering whom, what and why questions. Anything outside of taking care of your order or answering pre sales questions.

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Plan Updates Policy: DAWBOX(TM) LLC from time to time will update the SKU list and price list for materials. We will also make changes and offer more features. We reserve the exclusive right to offer our new designs at full price. We will not offer free updates to any of our past clients. This is a business and out time, ideas and the work we put into our product save our clients time and money. In order for us to continue offering a product that is fresh with new ideas and solutions like any software you purchase we need to make a living. If we come out with an update after shipping your older version we will not offer you the new update. All sales are final.

Materials List: DAWBOX(TM) LLC will make a content effort to update our prices and materials list. We will not send the list to you digitally for any reason. If you are a past contractor or client we will not send this list digitally. You can simply buy a new version of the plans with the latest updates and offerings. We are not responsible for any material price changes due to market fluctuation and location. We are not responsible if the material becomes taken off the market for any reason or is not available in your location. For this reason we keep the designs as universal as possible so that you can use substitutions with general construction materials all over the world.

Project Delay: DAWBOX(TM) LLC is not responsible if you sit on your hands and do not build your project. So for that reason if we decide to offer a newer design or idea in our plans we reserve that right to charge full price for it. Due to the nature of instructional media we will not offer upgrades like software to our clients. New designs, additions and ideas are considered a brand new project and set of intellectual property. If you want the new update simply buy another set of plans.

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