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How much will it cost to build?

As of 7-16-2022 $1,300-$2,600 USD depending on what part of the world you live. 

Example, if you wish to build the barebones, double wall without a window, metal edging and no ventilation, expect the raw build cost to be around $1350

7-16-2022: If you were to build our design with all of the trimmings including double wall using half inch mdf, double pane window, metal edging, exterior carpeting finish, solid core door, castors and ventilation and acoustic foam, expect to pay $2600 with all options (minus internal acoustics)

Disclaimer-the prices fluctuate around the world and tend to vary the most when natural disasters happen such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and pandemics.

How much does it weigh?

Between 1,300 and 2,000 pounds. 

Can I purchase all of the materials from the same place?

95% of the materials can be purchased from your local home improvement store. We've taken the guesswork out for you by making sure all of the materials are easy to find and universal in construction around the world. 

Is there a double wall design included?

Absolutely! If your offending background noise includes planes, trains and automobiles, than these are the plans for you.

Can I put the door and/or window on any wall?

Definitely! You can even put a window in your door. All panels are interchangeable depending on your studio's layout.

Are the plans scalable?

Of course! This plan can be scaled to fit in a low clearance basement for example. If your ceiling clearance allows to scale up, we recommend building up to 8 feet tall. The booth can be modified to a different width and length as well using simple math.

Are the plans metric or imperial?

Both metric and imperial measurements are now included. 

Do you sell acoustic foam?

Yes! Please contact us for a quote. 

Is this a true isolation booth?

Absolutely. This design is an airtight, solid double paneled mdf structure. It has a floating floor and floating ceiling. It rivals pre-made booths costing $8,000-12,000 USD.

How much sound isolation can I expect? 

You can expect to get similar or better results than booths costing twice as much money. 

Are the ventilation plans included?

Yes ,we offer three ventilation designs in this plan.
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