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Build a professional, portable, and affordable D.I.Y. recording booth with our in depth tutorials.       
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The heart of the matter..

D.I.Y. Acoustics and Pro Audio isn't Rocket Science let us simplify it for you...

Practical approach

Our courses are a combined video and e-book experience. Designed for every level of skill. Our designs are never too complicated or out of reach . We keep designs simplified, affordable, and effective.

We have your back

We won't leave you high and dry through your project. If you happen to get lost or need one on one consulting we are here. 

Success for less

We will help you get to the end of the rainbow  with your project and empower you along the way. Hundreds of our former students over the years have gone on to very successful careers. 

Let us show you the best kept secrets in acoustics...

     Save thousands of dollars with our D.I.Y. acoustics coursework. Learn from over 25 years of acoustics and studio experience. Stop wasting time online confused about what direction to take with your goals. For many of you the goal is simple you are tired of noise in your recordings. You are tired of wasting time. If you are like me you don't have a fortune to throw at pre-made solutions when you could simply go D.I.Y. Well you just found the right place. Now more than ever you need a solution for your VO, Podcast, Recording Studio, Office. These tutorial courses will light the way to the freedom of D.I.Y. acoustics.


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Hear how our DIY designs have changed clients lives....

Lorna is a professional actor, voice talent and model based out of LA. 

Lorna is featured in our 4x4x7 booth and as you can see, has way too much fun on the job! She had an amazing voice!

"I'm a VO Professional. needing to up my game and lower my noise floor for my clients. I needed more extreme isolation I wasn't getting in my studio with sound blankets. I could not justify spending $5000 on a recording booth.  I hired my hubby to help  me build the 4x6x7 Booth Plan. It turned out amazing and now I can hear myself think. Thank You DAWBOX."
"DAWBOX is a God Send. The material was outstanding. My guitar and voice sound crystal clear now and harmony parts have  no background noise like before! I live in NYC so it's non stop traffic noise or sirens! Not anymore! No more mailman noise or the Amazon delivery truck destroying my takes. I was able to build my recording booth with DAWBOX for a fraction of the cost. There are so many customization options "
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