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Who We Are: DAWBOX™ (D.A.W. BOX) was founded in 2002. We are one of the original Digital Audio Workstation pioneers. Our team has over 25 years combined experience in Digital Audio Production, Studio Design & Consulting, Audio Consulting, Pro Audio Sales and PC Workstation System Design and D.I.Y. Acoustics. DAWBOX(TM) has helped thousands of customers world wide bridge the gap between creativity and acoustics while saving time and money.

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      Hello I'm Justin Lynch. Over twenty five years ago I embarked on the DIY acoustics and audio journey of my lifetime at 19 years old. It hasn't been a smooth ride I'll be honest. I have made some serious mistakes along the way. It's these in the trenches two decades plus mistakes that have taken me to the triumphs and the aha moments. You see everyone needs a mentor especially with all of the disinformation online when it comes to pro audio, acoustics, mixing, songwriting, and VO. After many years selling pro audio and building various mid to pro level home studios for myself and clients I always arrived back at silence and acoustics. Then signal chain and of course arrangement and talent. I have been helping my clients get to the point of creating in silence and putting out pro level work for a long time. I always smile from ear to ear when a client thanks me and sends me that final pic of there booth or studio all set up or a link to the new album or audio book they just finished in our design. I know the technical side of pro audio hardware and Digital Audio workstations, outboard gear, cabling, acoustics, song arrangement, recording and production. My design and instruction along with actual experience in what I do makes me your best weapon. My skills with a table saw and drill are the tip of the iceberg. I can't wait to get you started down a path that has filled my life with so much joy and creativity but mostly the passion I have for teaching and passing on my experience to you. So what are you waiting for? You have been wanting this for a long time and you found us for a reason. Let's do this! :)

Meet Justin Lynch

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