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6'x6'x7' Pro  Recording Booth Plans®

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DAWBOX® Pro Booth

 Build a professional 6x6x7 recording booth in a weekend! Double wall design that is a true floating isolated design rivaling pre-made booths costing $10,000. Build our often imitated proven design from thousands less.  

Constant D.I.Y. Evolution

Our new platform allows you to have access the latest content and mods as we add them. 

True Isolation 101

 The DAWBOX® series of recording booth plans are single or double wall are true isolation structures. They are fully portable and sections designed. This means no gimmicks or empty promises. Our designs are proven in the field by professionals in every industry the world over for over a decade.

The Industry Secrets

Why would you pay $4500-$12,000 for some single wall cheap OSB pre-made with metal brackets? Build our new flagship double wall design for $800-$2000 with full options! That's a minimum of $3000 savings. Imagine how many new microphones or other gear you could pick up with that extra cash you saved!
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Meet the instructor

Justin A. Lynch

Justin has been writing, recording and producing his own music and content since 1993. Having produced and mixed indie artists from Hiphop, Indie, Rock, Alt Rock, Alt Folk, Alt Country, to music of the Andes. Justin has over 22 years of computer DAW build experience and has helped thousands of aspring professionals reach there acoustic and studio goals. Justin is a prolific singer songwriter, multi instrumentalist, VO professional, mix engineer, producer, product designer who draws from real world experience and wisdom behind a wealth of knowledge. Justin has over two decades of experience with multitrack recording and production using a multitude of DAWs and software including ProTools, Logic, Acid Pro, SoundForge.  DAWBOX ® has been the #1 resource for DIY recording booth plans for the last 15X years. Tap into his knowledge to propel your career.
Justin Lynch - Home Studio Guru
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