Noise Floor 101

These audio samples will help you understand just how much NRC, STC, Db reduction or noise floor you can gain from our DIY Vocal Booth, Recording Booth, Podcast Booth, or Drum Booth. Our designs offer a -55db noise floor and are 100% portable. You save 2X-3X the cost by going DAWBOX™ DIY. On top of that our designs do the leg work for you so you don't have to second guess yourself or waste months of research. Get right down to business of building on digital demand using proven designs.

DAWBOX™ Designed to work!

     The video/audio samples are from our studio and various spaces around the studio. One of the biggest challenges to a low noise floor come from the horrific amounts of residual outdoor and indoor noise. Our studio sits next to a major HWY about 100ft away. We also have a very noisy laundry room upstairs. 
       The video examples use an "Apogee Mic 96" going into an I-phone. There is no compression or gain added within logic. I hope this helps you understand the near 25 db difference in noise floor. The double wall design when properly implemented and situated can easily yield a -55-58db noise floor. The best example is the washing machine directly over the vocal booth on a hardwood floor! You can hear in the samples that this design eliminates all of the outside noise from the biggest offenders. 
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Outdoor HWY Noise -24db

This is the sound of a microphone outside of the studio. It's so loud that it hurts your ears! Can you say horrific noise pollution?
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Upstairs Office RMS still -24db?

Listen to the upstairs office without acoustic treatment or isolation. Yet still overall even with residential walls it's just a nightmare of noise. This is what zero treatment sounds like. It's unbelievable major YouTube and Media stars still record like this it's like wearing  sweatpants to the Grammys! :)
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Noise Contrast

From upstairs nightmare washer in spin cycle to -55db noise reduction with the washer spinning away below. This is one of the best real world examples of the sound reduction obtained using our double wall designs.
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-55db noise floor

Lunch hour traffic outside and the spin cycle on a dinosaur washer! Still -55db reduction with our new double wall MDF Elite design. The only noise you can hear is the signal to noise ratio of the Mic96 and the I-phone. Portable, affordable, effective and most clients build this in a few short weekends. Savings? About $3-5k VS our competition.
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